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Get a growth-powered digital transformation plan
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Strategically Scale
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Keeping Up With Ever-Changing Technology Is Tough

We help businesses proactively harness the power of technology to accelerate growth.
Stop chasing patchwork strategies and start achieving total-world-domination outcomes.

Here are 3 ways we do it:


Every business is a little different. We diagnose and design a plan that’s right for your unique challenges and goals.


Our outcome-driven process leverages business strategy and technology solutions to accelerate growth.


We help you implement your plan through every stage. That means working with your internal team, or building the team for you.

Technology Should Give You More Control, Not Less

Leading digitization initiatives can often feel like King Kong’s been let loose on your business.

Technology is a big, hairy beast.

Most businesses just don’t have the resources or processes in place to effectively manage it.

So you can end up wasting a lot of time and money chasing down solutions that just don’t work.

We’re here to help you tame the beast.

We’re tech-obsessed business experts with a proven process to leverage technology for accelerated growth.


Years of Technology Experience


Consultants and Experts


Industry Partners


We’re Transforming Digital Transformation

Step 1: Define & Diagnose

We start by defining your business vision and objectives.

Then, we diagnose roadblocks and blindspots.

So everyone’s clear on where you’re going, and what’s preventing you from getting there.

Step 2: Design Your Custom Roadmap

It’s time to stop piecing together your technology solutions. Our process gives you a clear roadmap and cohesive plan across three areas:

Digital Transformation
Security Transformation
Workforce Transformation

Step 3: Deliver Measurable Outcomes

Solutions aren’t solutions unless they deliver results.

We track and help you develop actionable insights from actual data.

If something’s not working? We’ll help you make informed adjustments.

We’ve been piecing together our digital transformation plan for years, wasting a ton of money on strategies that just didn’t work. Evee Solutions came in and transformed our whole business with a cohesive plan. It was like having a business consultant, plus IT team all rolled into one!


Better Business For A Better World

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion should not be trendy buzz words.
We firmly believe Tech thrives with more diversity, equity, and inclusion.
The digital revolution has created a unique opportunity to better attract and engage groups from
underrepresented backgrounds in the area of STEM. Our mission is to make that happen.





Speaking Engagements & Awards

Endicott College

Panel of cybersecurity experts that included Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to discuss the topic of Cybersecurity and the Corporate World – Understanding & Managing Cyber Threats and Attacks.
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2019 Diversity And Tech Inclusion Symposium

Gary Evee helped launch Boston’s Inaugural conference on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Tech and Cybersecurity. The conference featured leading experts from around the commonwealth of Massachusetts, empowering individuals and businesses to take what they have learned about inclusion and diversity and begin integrating this information into their respective organizations.
Read more

Boston Federal Reserve

Advanced Cyber Security Center Panel. Leveraging Board Governance for Cyber Security: THE CISO/CIO PERSPECTIVE
Read more

NSBE Diversity And Inclusion Champion Award Recipient

From National Association of Black Engineers Boston
Read more

Capital Cybersecurity Summit

Gary Evee was invited to serve as a keynote speaker for the Capital Cybersecurity Summit. The summit featured speakers and panels offering unique insights on emerging cybersecurity technologies, digital solutions, operations and enforcement from the private sector, government and academic perspectives.
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Meet Your Technology Advocates

We’re passionate about helping you accelerate growth with a cohesive
digital transformation plan and people to implement it.

Leadership Team

Gary Evee

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Evee serves as CEO and President for Evee Consulting, driving the strategic vision and overseeing its execution.

Evee is an established veteran, innovator and entrepreneurial leader in the technology industry. He has over 25 years of experience in technology and consultancy. His vision and experience in the field of IT helped build Evee Consulting successfully.
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Ryan Johns

Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan Johns is a Global People Operations and Revenue Operations Consultant.

His practice is founded on the premise of leveraging Science, Psychology, and Micro-Learning to optimize cultural performance.

Ryan is highly adept at operationalizing change management initiatives by expertly aligning business strategy with people strategy. In recent years, he has invested heavily in the areas of neuroscience and behavioral psychology.

With nearly two decades of leadership experience in both the private and government sectors, he has been equipped with a practical worldview and the skill that enables him to effectively work with diverse and dynamic teams in any industry.

Ryan is a proud Air Force Veteran and Minority Owned Business Founder, residing in Atlanta GA since 2004.
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Greg Ammirati

Vice President of Business Development

Greg Ammirati is a senior executive whose extensive career spans multiple industries.

As Chief Digital Officer and Revenue Officer for Evee Consulting, Greg inspires and leads teams to drive innovation, adopt sustainable and accessible business models, and digitally transform.
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Advisory Board

Ron Walker

Ron Walker is a nationally recognized executive-level business leader and workforce development expert.

He has 30 years of experience providing high level strategic advice and access to growth capital, and extensive public and private expertise, corporate strategy, government relations, banking and finance, private equity, business integration, and strategic planning.
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Jason Hurd

Jason H. Hurd is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Bunker Hill Capital. Jason has over 23 years of experience

working as a principal with middle market companies. He is active working with portfolio companies in the role of lead investor and has extensive board-level experience. Jason currently sits on the boards of directors of Bunker Hill Capital portfolio companies Dyno Holdings and Hubbardton Forge. 
Prior to founding Bunker Hill Capital, Jason was a Director at BancBoston Capital. Jason holds a B.A. from Harvard College.
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Michael Crones

Michael is currently CIO for Draper Laboratories where he strategically addresses the people, process

and technology aspects of IT as it relates to the overall corporate vision for change and modernization. Prior to Draper Laboratories Mike was with MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL) serving in roles from technical staff, to program management, and eventually culminating as the Deputy CIO. During his time with MITLL, he helped run the Laboratory’s central IT services and was intimately involved in all aspects of supporting research and development activities. Additionally, Mike has held technical IT implementation, management and architecture roles across various industries.
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