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Better manage your risks, compliance, and governance by teaming with our security governance experts.

Keeping track of the ever-changing world of compliance and IT risk takes a village. Each member of an organization needs to be an active participant in the cybersecurity program, not just an observer.

When you work with EVEE Consulting, we can help your firm’s IT and SECOPS team align with the company’s security direction by providing the required expertise in working with various stakeholders within an organization, including human resources, sales, customer service, and the supply chain, to better understand why the company is undertaking a security transformation.

Creating internal “cyber warriors” takes patience and understanding. Many people in non-IT roles neither understand the enormous number of cybersecurity threats that occur on a daily basis nor how they can impact the company as a whole.

There is value in leveraging the EVEE team to help develop a communications plan to help these departments align faster to a cybersecurity strategy. By getting these groups onboard early, your company can realize a more rapid “time to value” of the cybersecurity strategy, along with faster enablement of critical governance mandates.

Continuous Improvement

By leveraging the experts at EVEE Consulting, you will have access to experts to help you develop a continuous cybersecurity program improvement model. Nothing in cyber stays the same for too long. The ability to make corrections and adjustments to your ongoing security program along with ensuring the technology deployed is meeting the needs of the business is a value enablement that EVEE can assist you with.


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