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Digital transformation has become the lifeblood of a company’s ability to compete in the market and revolutionize the customer service experience, while simultaneously driving the costs of delivering new products and services to a wider range of clients.

Without migration to the cloud, digital transformation would not be possible.

Modernization of legacy IT

At the core of digital transformation, the need exists for organizations to re-design their respective IT department silos into a more Agile and agility-driven team. Most organizations have begun to transform their IT groups into various DevOps teams. Referencing the novel Phoenix Project, companies realized that most IT departments have become too compartmentalized and isolated from each other. Decisions by IT directors became more political and less about collaboration. By modernizing to a DevOps “SCRUM” model, which promotes collaboration, agility, alignment, and forming teams, digital transformations began to experience a better “time to value.”

Adoption of Agile over Waterfall

Along with the creation of “SCRUMS,” DevOps teams began to migrate away from the traditional “Waterfall” method of product development. Under the Waterfall method, each respect stage in the development process would frequently need to wait for another lower component to be completed in order for that group to begin their development and testing. EVEE Consulting has several experienced architects on staff who are familiar with the Agile development method.

A good example of this can be seen in the challenges that applications teams face when waiting for the network and security teams to design, deploy, and optimize a new network to host their new applications. In the Agile world, combined with the cloud transformation, cloud architects working with Amazon, Google, or Azure could spin a virtual private instance within minutes, so developers could begin to test their new systems. Agile, combined with SCRUMS, allows multiple digital transformation workstreams to work in parallel. Agile also allows for adds, moves, and changes to happen much faster than under the Waterfall method.


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