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Our cloud security assessments provide actionable insights into security misconfigurations and deviations from recommended cloud security architecture to help clients prevent, detect, and recover from data breaches.

Moving applications to the cloud continues to be, for many company boards of directors, their most visible project. Boards of directors, investors, and CEOs know enough about the importance of the cloud to have their IT resources move away from a presumed lesser-cost model than the traditional buildout of data centers.

Traditional IT delivery always centered around companies building their “own” data centers, staffed with well-qualified engineers to recover the cost of losses in the years to come. However, like all IT trends, the introduction of the cloud brought about the promise of faster time-to-market services and products, a lower cost of delivery to clients, and less personnel to manage.

Yet, with the rush to move applications to the cloud, the dynamic of who is responsible for the security of applications and data came into question. Cloud providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure developed clear lines of delineation between what their cloud services security models and SLA were, while the end-user slowly realized that moving their data and applications opened the door to new security challenges never before observed within an on-premise deployment.

Welcome to the secure world of the cloud

One of the very first eye-opening experiences that CEOs, CIOs, and CISOs had when it came to early cloud deployment projects was that it involved everything from remote access, encrypting data in transit, multi-factor authentication, and supporting the various virtual machines, containers, and SAAS applications from one launch portal.

Organizations realized their dream to reduce headcount costs had dynamically reversed itself. However, now, the IT and SECOPS department lacked the necessary skill set to operate in the cloud. As a result of this challenge, the initial security controls that were deployed contained several misconfigured and redundant security adaptive controls. It also increased operational and licensing costs and caused continual service impact outages.

By working with EVEE Consulting, organizations will gain the required expertise to better understand the transformation of their skill set to manage in the new cloud platforms.

Lessons learned – moving forward, not backward

One of the many lessons that companies learned during the early days of cloud deployment was that they had a complete lack of understanding of the value of doing a top-down assessment of the current on-premises deployment along with validating oncoming cloud migration architectures. To be fair, many companies moved so quickly to the cloud that they skipped past the “assessment and organization” phase of the design and went straight into the deployment and optimization phase. Now, many companies seek out cloud consultants to help perform “pre-design” and “post-deployment” assessments to ensure they can realize the maximum benefits inherent in their cloud investment.


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